The Northwest Industrial Business Association provides a forum for businesses to raise issues and expect answers from local leaders. Our monthly meetings are your chance to be informed, ask questions and get answers. While NIBA is composed of a cross-section of diverse businesses, we're all are affected by city, county and state regulations, and we all have an investment in protecting the industrial sanctuary and maintaining it for industrial use.


10 reasons to get involved with NIBA:
1.  Meet your neighbors—
network with businesses you never knew about and make new contacts 
2.  Take charge—be proactive; take a hand in building the industrial community instead of being a bystander
3.  Speak up—have access to local policy- and decision-makers from Metro and other agencies
4.  Be prepared—discover emergency preparedness procedures for your business/employees/family
5.  Be in the know—talk with developers about upcoming construction projects and their impact on local transportation
6.  Be represented—NIBA is involved in Portland Business Alliance, Neighbors West NW, and Venture Portland
7.  Get involved—participate in neighborhood events or get yours on the calendar
8.  Act local—help support the area’s annual food drive
9.  Go green—learn how other businesses and manufacturers are addressing issues of sustainability
10. Participate—enjoy free coffee and pastries at our monthly meetings, volunteer for a committee, join a project or propose one of your own