The Northwest Industrial Business Association (NIBA) represents the industrial sanctuary of northwest Portland. Made up of industrial and manufacturing businesses, warehouses, wholesalers and a small number of retail merchants, NIBA extends from the Willamette River to US 30 and from I-405 to Linnton. Our mission is to protect and enhance the industrial business climate of Portland's northwest industrial district.

One of a kind
NIBA is unique in that we are both a neighborhood association and a business association, but our neighborhood is almost exclusively industrial/commercial rather than residential. Back in the 1970s when NIBA was originally organized, the neighborhood designation was the only one available. Today, we would be considered a business organization. 

NIBA today
NIBA's participation in various metro and business groups representing city and county affairs keeps us on top of zoning and other issues that have potential impact on our area. As an organization, we provide members with more clout than a single business might wield, and we work to guard against residential encroachment into the industrial area.

As the neighborhood organization for the NW industrial area, we have access to representatives of the PDC, city planners, local and state government officials. We hear from and have an opportunity to question candidates, organizations promoting ballot measures and local developers seeking our support or input.

We encourage members to ask questions. Let us know who you would like to hear from or what issues are impacting your company, and we'll do our best to deliver. We're here to support you. Let us know how we can do that.